• Photo by CLAIRE DUQUETTE For The Ashland Daily Press. The article is HERE. Scott as Henry II in The Lion In Winter, StagerNorth, Fall 2021. Laura Comer as Eleanor or Aquataine and Jamie Tucker as Richard.
Painting Churches, StageNorth, Washburn, WI May 2015 Scott was Tech Director, Set Designer, Lighting Designer, Head Carpenter, Head Electrician, and Stage Manager.Photo by Scott Burchill
Julius Caesar. StageNorth, Washburn, WI February 2016. Scott as Brutus ... Also Tech Director, Set Design, Lighting Design, Head Electrician.
Stage set designed to look like a sound stage with a set for a TV cooking show.
Set for Vermilion, StageNorth, Washburn, WI, May 2017. Scott was Tech Director, Set Designer, Head Carpenter, Lighting Designer, and Head Electrician.Photo by Scott Burchill
Image of a very fancy theatrical stage set with a two story building on a turntable.
Tech Director, Head Carpenter, Lighting Design, Head Electrician for A Christmas Carol at StageNorth, Washburn Wi - Set Design by Bob HoltonPhoto by Scott Burchill
Scene from W;t, StageNorth, Washburn, WI May 2018. Scott was Tech Director, Set Designer, Lighting Designer, and Head Electrician.
Scott playing string bass with the Drummond HS Choir, Drummond, WI December 2018.Photo by KELLY RANDOLPH.